SemperFi Services

SemperFi Services

Semper Fi is Latin for Always Faithful, the Marine Corps motto.

Emphasis on maximum efficiencies, security and commitment to quality, - our company was founded on these metrics.

About SemperFi Services Inc

Our Veteran-owned company, established by a former U.S. Marine Corrections Officer is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our troops have operated websites online since online was introduced by the government to the masses. We apply a very specialized Marine Corps work ethic, producing high-caliber results. While the term SemperFi is usually referenced by the collective of the U.S. Marines, we believe that it also applies to an "always faithful" work ethic, including procedures and a commitment to achieve the best results.

SemperFi Services Inc. was officially established in March 2018, but has operated successfully in the online space since 1998.

Strategic Consulting
Military grade precision

Since 1998, our target has been focused performance in the Ecommerce space. E-commerce strategies, pinpoint precision marketing, security and data control. Our philosophy is take no prisoners, execute strategically with military grade precision and support the troops!

Our servicesStrategic Consulting

There are 3 types of Executives. A Strategic executive, - someone who is a big thinker but not interested in the details (usually .8% of executives) and a Tactical executive, - they can execute on the bigger picture but are not strategic. The third, Strategic & Tactical executive is a very rare executive - .02% of executives. They come up with big ideas and can implement the strategies with piercing effectiveness.

Our mission at SemperFi, should you choose to accept it, is to help you become the Strategic & Tactical executive in your company. With that simple metric, you will outpace, outperform and outmatch your competition.

Business consulting
Ecommerce consulting

Information metrics

Information is not power, it is potential power. There is a great deal of mis-information that is sold as game-changing advice, but sourcing true, battle winning information is mission critical for the Strategic & Tactical team.

Our mission is to identify critical information sets, identify how to maximize their use and how to implement the use of this information in a way to maximize efficiences for an end result - a game winning strategy. In the military, results are pre-determined and planned or people die. We utilize the same approach to technologies that gather, process, analyze and take action based on critical information in a given marketplace.


Technology can be used as a part of threat assessment, vulnerability detection and risk awareness and remediation. But it can also be used to reflect on your company's performance. At SemperFi, we implement cutting-edge technologies in software, hardware and the cloud to produce results in the marketplace.

Veteran owned